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Sweet Good Morning

Sweet Good Morning 13 February, 2018Leave a comment

Feliz y soltera escritora. Mientras al hombre de mi vida le enseñan a usar el GPS y logre finalmente encontrarme, yo me dedico a contar historias para vivir, para aprender, crecer, respirar y entender.

Our night of sex had been A-MA-ZING! I lie in bed gaining strength to get out. Ignoring all the difficulties I would need to go through to wake him up, convince him to get dressed and open the door for me, I dress without saying a thing. I wake up. He’s dead to the world. Sleeps like a lion without knowing what a Sweet Good Morning awaits him. Waking him up has never been an easy task.

Dressed and ready to go I sit on the border of the bed. I kiss his forehead, caress his chest and remove the locks of hair. No reaction. I bring my face close to his and whisper: wake up, I’m leaving. With closed eyes he replies: Noooo! I find his reaction quite funny. I’m not sure if he’s still asleep or even conscious of what he’s saying. I keep on caressing and kissing him. He moves around the bed, from time to time he stares at me, hugs me, and then goes back to sleep. I swap my loving care for tickles. To his ear I whisper: I gotta go to the metro, while my nails run along the side of his body. He reacts. Yes! Finally.

How can you do this to me? Can’t you just stay here? He makes me laugh. I work tomorrow. But stay with me. I’m sorry but I can’t. With his eyes half-open he blurts: how mean of you to wake up without letting me know and get ready while I slept. Yeah, I say to his ear, otherwise you wouldn’t have let me leave. Come on, open the door for me. No! Please, I don’t want you to leave, stay with me. Hey, come on, as I continue scratching his chest. A snore bursts into the next minutes of silence.

I breathe deeply and continue my journey of waking him up. I get close to his face, slowly kiss his cheeks, his nose, his neck, his forehead, while my hands run down his arms; come on, open the door for me. He breathes deeply, I’m disappointed, how can you do this to me? You should be staying here with me. I’m sorry love, come on, I have no keys, come open the door for me.

He hugs me against his chest: you don’t have to leave, you should stay. Yeah, I’d love to, but as I said, I have work tomorrow and I have a long way to go home. Come on, dress. Noooooo, please, you said you’d stay longer. My head rests over his chest. Yup! That was two hours ago. We had lunch, had a nap and I’ve spent my last 20 minutes trying to convince you to open the door for me. Noooo, I want you to stay, please. Dear, but I work tomorrow. Seconds later, I hear him snore, again. I move him a bit. Please, don’t make me to use rudder techniques. Which techniques? Don’t force me. And without being able to finish my phrase, he’s back in Morpheus arms.

Seems like my caring strategy hasn’t been working very well, therefore I decide to change it. With this decision my hand starts gliding down him and I start caressing his sleepy cock. I squash it against his body while I caress it softly with up and down movements. Immediately he responds: “this is brilliant!”. Minutes later it’s hard as a rock, but I start hearing his snores. Seems like this technique isn’t much more effective. I continue stimulation, take his cock in my hand and see his foreskin imitating my movements. I hear him moan between closed eyes.

I had high hopes this would wake him up. Could you open the door for me? It’s you who I’m going to open wide. I laugh silently, love his unexpected reactions. Are you awake? I ask with cheeky voice – my hand still on his cock – and kissing his lips. No, continue he said with a smile and slightly opening his eyes. I put it in my mouth and hear another moan. By now his dick is so hard it can even stand on his own. I slide my tongue along it’s trunk. I sink it in my mouth and take it out. He shivers. His hands start moving, caressing my legs. I hold his balls in my hand while I continue sucking. Ohhhh Myyyyy Goddddd!, he says covering his head with the pillow.

Now that was a sweet good morning. From then on, our relationship was distraught by happy mornings.

Feliz y soltera escritora. Mientras al hombre de mi vida le enseñan a usar el GPS y logre finalmente encontrarme, yo me dedico a contar historias para vivir, para aprender, crecer, respirar y entender.

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